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OUT NOW: Microbiology in Europe

The third FEMS anniversary issue is a tribute to our roots. Forty years after our start in 1974, almost all microbiological societies in all European countries from North to South and East to West have joined FEMS. In addition some societies from adjacent countries and affiliated members from all over the world are part of FEMS.

The Spores Thematic Issue collects a series of reviews and experimental papers selected from topics presented at the 6th European Spores Conference, held in Egham (UK) on 9–11 April 2014.

Editors Simon Cutting & Ezio Ricca selected eleven Research articles and four MiniReviews, covering topics ranging from fundamental aspects of spore formation in Bacillus subtilis or Bacillus megaterium, to applied issues such as the industrial use of Bacillus enzymes.


Nomination Lwoff award

At the next FEMS Congress, which will be held in June 2015, by the Lwoff award a person or a group of persons is awarded for outstanding service to microbiology in Europe. The award consists of a prize-lecture, a medal with an illuminated address, and an honorarium of a thousand euro.


FEMS calls for members of FEMS Council, national microbiological societies, scientific groups and individual microbiologists to nominate a candidate. The nomination deadline is 10 January 2015.


For more information: Lwoff award | Regulations


Join the discussion

Just before this summer, a lot of debate was going on about antibiotic resistance. Some great initiatives, and perhaps even more alarming reports.


Antibiotic resistance is an issue that should be addressed. But how? And what role should FEMS and microbiological societies fulfill? Join the discussion on Facebook or email communications(at)fems-microbiology(dot)org


41st FEMS Council to be held in Serbia

Annually the Delegates of all Member Societies and the officers of the Executive Committee will meet at the FEMS Council. This year, Council will be held on 12 and 13 September in Belgrade, Serbia. The Serbian Society for Microbiology will be hosting the event.

We are looking forward to a fruitful meeting!

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