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A century-old technology still developing

This Thematic Issue on biobutanol, edited by Michael Sauer, is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the first industrial exploitation of Chaim Weizmann's acetone-butanol-ethanol fermentation process. Major aspects of industrial microbiology are exemplified by this single process. This includes new technologies like the latest developments in metabolic engineering, the exploitation of biodiversity and discoveries of new regulatory systems such as for microbial stress tolerance, as well as technological aspects like bio- and down-stream processing.

Europe's Microbiology Network - Virtual Special Issue

This joint Virtual Special Issue (VSI) – a collaboration between some of the top Society journals in the FEMS microbiology Network - is a celebration of a long-term cooperation between the FEMS Member Societies and the strong tradition of microbiology in Europe.

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Congratulations to our previous FEMS Yeast Research Editor-In-Chief Teun Boekhout, in honor of whom a new genus is named: Teunomyces

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Fellow of the Royal Society

FEMS Board Member Jim Prosser is one of the 50 researchers that have been elected as Fellows of the Royal Society this year, for his ‘significant contribution to our understanding of the diversity and ecosystem function of micro-organisms in natural environments’. Jim thanks the people he has worked and collaborated with as well as the members of his research group: “This award reflects their enormous contributions to microbial ecology research.”

Biography Antoni van Leeuwenhoek

In Antoni van Leeuwenhoek, Master of the Minuscule, the life and discoveries of Antoni van Leeuwenhoek, father of microbiology, are described in the context of the historical events of the Dutch Golden Age and discoveries of his contemporaries.

This biography was first published in Dutch, the English translation was initiated in cooperation with FEMS.

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FEMS, ESCMID fellows

To foster outstanding research in microbiology by European early career scientists, FEMS and ESCMID gave additional grants to:


FEMS/ESCMID Research Joint Fellow 2016: Dr Alexander Borodavka, Leeds, UK

For the project 'Probing RNA-RNA interactions involved in gene segment assortment in rotaviruses'

ESCMID/FEMS Research Joint Fellow 2016: Dr Juan Manuel Pericas, Barcelona, Spain

For the project 'Experimental and clinical study of the relationship between vancomycin MIC in methicillin-susceptible Staphylococcus aureus (MSSA) and the prognosis of left-sided MSSA infective endocarditis'

Editor's Choice Articles

Editors for each of the five FEMS journals have selected their choice articles from the latest issues of FEMS Microbiology Ecology, FEMS Microbiology Letters, FEMS Microbiology Reviews, Pathogens and Disease, and FEMS Yeast Research.

You can read the articles online for free.

Thematic Issue on Pertussis (or whooping cough)

This Thematic Issue, edited by N. Carbonetti, addresses current problems, challenges and investigations of a re-emerging disease.

Thematic Issue on Education

FEMS Microbiology Letters is pleased to publish this Thematic Issue on Education, including papers on the role of social media, professional development, and the enhancement of employability. Go to FEMS Microbiology Letters to read the articles or watch the below video by Guest Editor Beatrix Fahnert.

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A Joint Thematic Issue by FEMS Microbiology Ecology and Pathogens and Disease

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