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FEMS anniversary issue - Festive Foods

Microbes can add flavour, healthy benefits and health risk to your festive foods. In our fourth anniversary issue you can feast your taste buds on interesting research articles on microbes and festive foods.


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FEMS Microbiology Reviews Thematic Issue - Pathogens under stress 

Whether under stress by extreme temperature, limited resources or medicine, pathogens will always adapt. How? And how can we in turn adapt to that? Read it in our latest Thematic Issue!

And the winner is...

‘Original and esthetic’, was the enthusiastic comment of the jury on Lesley  Robertson’s submission. The video ‘Through the eyes of Antonie van Leeuwenhoek’ shows what the first visual encounter with microbes probably looked like.


The FEMS Image Contest is part of our 40th anniversary celebrations. The winner of the FEMS Image Contest will receive book tokens from Oxford University Press at a value of £ 250 and showcasing of her video both the Oxford Academic Tumblr
and OUP’s YouTube channel.

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Nomination Lwoff award

At the next FEMS Congress, which will be held in June 2015, by the Lwoff award a person or a group of persons is awarded for outstanding service to microbiology in Europe. The award consists of a prize-lecture, a medal with an illuminated address, and an honorarium of a thousand euro.


FEMS calls for members of FEMS Council, national microbiological societies, scientific groups and individual microbiologists to nominate a candidate. The nomination deadline is 10 January 2015.


For more information: Lwoff award | Regulations


Join the discussion

Just before this summer, a lot of debate was going on about antibiotic resistance. Some great initiatives, and perhaps even more alarming reports.


Antibiotic resistance is an issue that should be addressed. But how? And what role should FEMS and microbiological societies fulfill? Join the discussion on Facebook or email communications(at)fems-microbiology(dot)org

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Nominations FEMS-Lwoff Award


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