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FEMS-Lwoff Award

The FEMS-Lwoff Award is awarded to a person, or group of persons, preferably working and residing in Europe,  for outstanding service to microbiology in Europe. All fields of microbiology are considered.

The FEMS-Lwoff Award consists of a prize-lecture presented at a FEMS Congress, a medal and an honorarium of € 1,000. 

The FEMS-Lwoff Award series was initiated in the year 2000 at the occasion of the 25th Anniversary of FEMS. It was named in honour of the 1st FEMS President (1974-1976), Professor André M. Lwoff.

Professor André M. Lwoff (1902-1994)



Frontside of the silver FEMS-Lwoff Award Medal.

The FEMS-Lwoff Award regulations can be downloaded electronically:

To download this document to your own computer: 'right' click with your mouse-pointer on the hyperlink and select 'Save Target As...'. 

FEMS-Lwoff Awardees 2015

FEMS-Lwoff Awardee 2013

FEMS-Lwoff Awardee 2011

FEMS-Lwoff Awardee 2009

FEMS-Lwoff Awardee 2006

FEMS-Lwoff Awardee 2003

FEMS-Lwoff Awardee 2000




Prof. F. Baquero 
Prize Lecture:
Transmission: a basic process in Microbiology

Prof R.K. Thauer 

Prize Lecture: The microbial methane cycle

Venue: Maastricht, The Netherlands, 6th FEMS Congress
Date: 11 June 2015



Prof Juan Luis Ramos

Prize Lecture: Mechanism of Solvent Tolerance in Gram Negative Bacteria

Venue: Leipzig, Germany, 5th FEMS Congress
Date: 25 July 2013



Miroslav Radman
Prize Lecture:
Venue: Geneva, Switzerland, 4th FEMS Congress
Date: 30 June 2011






Karl-Heinz Schleifer 
Prize Lecture:  Classification of Bacteria: From Unicellular Plants to the Age of Genomics
Venue: Gothenburg, Sweden, at the occasion of the 3rd FEMS Congress
Date: 1 July 2009

Jorg Hacker
Prize Lecture:  Evolution in Microbial Pathogens
Venue: Madrid, Spain, at the occasion of the 2nd FEMS Congress
Date: 6 July 2006


Professor Sir David A. Hopwood
United Kingdom
Prize Lecture:
 Streptomyces Genes in Nature and Medicine
Venue: Ljubljana, Slovenia, at the occasion of the 1st FEMS Congress
Date: 2 July 2003



Professor Philippe J. Sansonetti
Prize Lecture:  Rupture, invasion and inflammatory destruction of the intestinal barrier by Shigella, making sense of prokaryote-eukaryote cross-talks.
Venue: Sevilla, Spain, at the occasion of the FEMS Jubilee (25th anniversary)
Date: 15 September 2000


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